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In Pictures: Street vendors removed from Ramsis Square

Security forces removed street vendors from Ramsis Square early Sunday, deploying armed vehicles into the area. According to an eyewitness, vendors called upon thugs when the security forces first attempted to move them to the Ahmed Helmy bus stop. “Security forces started firing at them, and in seven minutes the area was clear,” he said. …

Aya Nader

Selling on Cairo streets

With many people struggling to survive from one day to the next, the amount of vendors eking out an existence by trying to sell four pairs of shipship and seven white cotton T-shirts is increasing.

Adel Heine

Egypt street traders cash in on revolutionary spirit

By Shaimaa Fayed / Reuters CAIRO: A year after it claimed center stage in the Arab Spring, Cairo’s Tahrir Square has become a giant open-air market where capitalism is meeting the revolution. Failed attempts by Egypt’s security officials to evict protesters still camped out at Tahrir have emboldened growing numbers of street vendors who converge on …


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