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Mired in muck

As days pass the water starts to disappear but the mud remains, a monumental task is ahead for the street sweepers that attempt to make some inroads into the sticky mess covering the streets.

Daily News Egypt

Seeing red

The battikh and mangoes have nearly completely disappeared and have been replaced with shiny, bright red, juicy deliciousness that taste great in salads, sauces and soups.

Adel Heine

Cycling in Cairo: Just use your head

On the smaller streets riding a bike is a breeze, since you avoid the kind of traffic that bogs down cars. On the bigger streets it is more challenging but general rules apply; take the right side of the road (but leave some space), deal with the other traffic as if you are a slower, smaller car and above all be mindful of your surroundings.

Daily News Egypt

Trains in the Cairo nights

The railroad that traverses Maadi seems a relic from a time long past; grass grows between the iron rails and the trees that grow on the sides of the track join high in the air to form a tunnel of leaves.

Adel Heine

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