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IMF Mission Chief For Egypt Subir Lall

Egyptian IPO programme helps attract equity financing for the companies: IMF

IMF Mission Chief for Egypt Subir Lall welcomed the Egyptian authorities’ announcement regarding the initial public offerings (IPO) programme for a number of state-owned companies. On 18 March, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said that Egypt plans to offer shares of 20 state-owned companies in the next one and half years, 10 of which are already …

Hagar Omran

Subir Lall to succeed Chris Jarvis as IMF mission director in Egypt

Egypt will soon get a new IMF mission director, as current chief Jarvis’ three-year term in the country has come to an end. Jarvis is scheduled to pass the torch on to former Portugal Mission Chief Subir Lall, who previously served as mission chief for Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. The Brown and …

Elsayed Solyman

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