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Al-Sisi asks citizens to endure 6 months of hardship

On Wednesday during the opening of the National Project for Fish Farming in the Suez Canal area in Ismailia, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi called on Egyptians to endure the economic hardships resulting from governmental reforms for the next six months. During his speech, he reasserted the state’s commitment to its economic reforms, and promised citizens …

Mohamed Samir

263 ships transit the Suez Canal in 6 days carrying 15.8m tonnes

Suez Canal traffic data showed that 263 ships transited the canal, with a total load of 15.8m tonnes, from 12-17 November. An average of 43.83 ships transited the canal per day during that period, with an average load of 2.63m tonnes per day. The average load per ship was about 60,070 tonnes during that period. …

Mohamed Ahmed

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