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From alcohol to sugar: words with Arabic roots

While the integration of Arab migrants sparks ongoing debates, one thing is for sure: language-wise, Arabic is well rooted in Germany. Both English and German have many common words that stem from the language.Some words used in German and English are immediately identifiable as originating in the Arab Middle East, just think of harem or …

Deutsche Welle

Egypt has six months worth of sugar reserves: minister of supply

Egypt has sufficient strategic sugar reserves equivalent to six months of consumption, Minister of Supply Aly Moselhy said on Monday. However, the minister did not specify the exact amount of these reserves. Last week, Egypt cancelled a tariff imposed last year on sugar exports, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said in a statement received …

Mohamed Samir

Sugar: one more problem for Egyptians

Since the end of September, Egypt has been facing a remarkable shortage in sugar, pushing the commodity’s price upwards, while creating its very own informal market, and consequently, increasing the suffering of Egyptians. Egypt produced a total of 2.2m tonnes of sugar in 2015 and consumed 3.1m tonnes, creating a shortage of some 900,000 tonnes. …

Hisham Salah