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Latest in Tag: Superpower

Future impact of superpower and regional power states’ national security strategies on the Middle East

After looking at the different national security strategies in superpower and regional states, it is time to see how those will impact the Middle East by evaluating current global and regional situation in 2015 and 2016. Spread of terrorist groups and conflicts in the region Sixty-seven international organisations and groups are proscribed as terrorist elements, …

Sayed Ghoneim

Superpower and regional power states’ national security strategies 

During the previous decade, several Arab countries faced big challenges such as severe deterioration in economic conditions, education, health, etc. On the other hand, rates of inflation, unemployment, and corruption increased. The increase of ethnic and sectarian disputes, the gap between the ruling elite and the people, political and security constraints, and interference in the …

Sayed Ghoneim

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