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‘Let them eat cake’, part 2

When Gouda Abdel Khalek was Minister of Supply in March of 2012 he made a very “novel” suggestion— not the good kind of novel. At the time, Egypt’s food subsidy programme supplies were woefully insufficient to feed the millions of Egyptians benefitting (in theory) from the assistance. With some governorates having no rice for distribution …

Iris Boutros

Food industry officials deny food security concerns

A supply ministry report submitted by Ouda forecasted that in 2013 Egypt would import around 9.4m tonnes of wheat, 7.3m tonnes of coarse grains, and 6.8m tonnes of rice, making the total imports for these products 23.4m tonnes: a 1.3% increase from 2012.

Sara Aggour

USD exchange rate skyrockets

Few days after president ‘s statement that the Egyptian Pound will not be devaluated, the exchange rate of the US dollar rises against the Egyptian pound to hit its highest level since 2004

Daily News Egypt

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