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Supreme Court nomination crisis

The battle of US president Donald Trump‚ÄĒwho has selected judge Neil Gorsuch as his choice to fill late Antonin Scalia‚Äôs seat at the US Supreme Court‚ÄĒis a conflict of utmost importance. In February 2016, Associate Justice¬†of the¬†Supreme Court of the United States¬†Antonin Scalia¬†died, leaving a vacancy at the highest federal court of the United States. …

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Brexit: Pound recovering before Supreme Court ruling

On Tuesday, the British Supreme Court will decide whether Parliament should vote to commence divorce proceedings from the European Union. Investors are welcoming this because above all they need one thing: certainty.A day before the Supreme Court’s decision of whether British Prime Minister Theresa May can start Brexit without a Parliament vote or not, the …

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India’s war on tobacco and industry woes

India’s top court has ruled that tobacco companies must display larger health warnings on cigarette packs, giving a boost to the government’s latest move to reduce smoking and curb tobacco-related illnesses. DW examines.

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Top Saudi court upholds death sentence for Shiite cleric

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has confirmed the death sentence for the popular Shiite leader Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr on “sedition” charges. The sheikh’s life now depends on the possibility of a royal pardon by King Salman. Nimr’s family and lawyers said Sunday that the court rejected the appeal filed by Nimr, who is known as a …

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