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Latest in Tag: Syrian

World reacts to Syrian air strikes

Following the Saturday airstrikes that targeted military and research facilities believed to be used by the Syrian regime to stage chemical attacks on civilians, divided opinions dominated the political sphere all over the world. The airstrikes, which were launched by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, targeted military headquarters of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime …

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Images that have moved the world

The photo of a dead three-year-old Syrian boy on a Turkish beach has become a symbol for Europe’s refugee crisis. Here are more images that have changed the way we see human tragedies. From the Cold War to conflicts in the Middle East and the World Wars of the 20th century, photojournalists have imformed our …

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Syrian army warplane crashes in rebel-held town

At least a dozen people have died after a Syrian government fighter jet crashed into a busy market in the northwestern Idlib province. Activists have said scores of mostly civilians were injured. The Syrian military jet came down in a residential area in the rebel-held town of Ariha on Monday, killing at least 12 people …

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Syrian fire kills teen on Israeli-held Golan

AFP – The teenage son of an Israeli defence ministry contractor was killed on the Golan Sunday in the most serious incident on the plateau since the Syrian civil war erupted in 2011. Israel’s defence ministry and the army said the 15-year-old was killed when a blast hit the car he was travelling in with …

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