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The day after the ‘Rebellion’

By Taher El Moataz Bellah After the minor uprising against the Muslim Brotherhood on 24August 2012 failed to mobilise public support, the Islamist group was relieved by the low turnout of demonstrators. However, eight months of deteriorating economic conditions and unfulfilled promises paved the way for Tamarod, (“Rebellion”), a leaderless movement, in gathering more than …

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Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Rebel Campaign, beyond legalities

Tamarod (Rebel) is a campaign aiming at collecting the biggest number possible of signatures by Egyptians, who agree to withdraw confidence from President Mohamed Morsi. The campaign caught significant attention in the media, local and international, and in the daily political arguments among ordinary Egyptians. Rebel as a non-traditional tactic of opposition, or as some …

Maher Hamoud

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