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Egypt and China, a Bridge Not Too Far: Taha Hussein or Henry Kissinger?

A very distinguished Chinese academic, Dr. Wang Jisi, just gave a talk at the American University in Cairo on China’s understanding of the international order (Tahrir Dialogue No. 64 – “Listening to and Looking Towards Asia”, Tahrir Campus, March 29, 2017). Something that came up during his talk was figuring out how Egypt looks at …

Emad El-Din Aysha

Review: Fallen statues and fighters

Commentaries discuss the recent attacks on statues of famous Egyptians, including writer Taha Hussein and singer Um Kolthoum, and the reported death of an Egyptian citizen killed while fighting the Al-Assad regime in Syria. The ignorance of beards and Jilbabs Mohamed Salmawi Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper Salmawi condemns the recent attacks on the two statues of …

Daily News Egypt

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