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Latest in Tag: Tahrir

Hesham Hellyer

On hope and gratitude in 2013: the rock and the tide

I am not particularly enthusiastic about New Year’s Eve. My favourite in the last decade was in 2007/8; my wife and I watched a movie, and fell asleep at 11pm. That is usually the extent of my excitement on this night. But it seems that a lot of my dear friends take this evening rather seriously, …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

A dictator by any other name

As social fissures deepen and clouds of bellicosity darken the skies of Egypt, threatening a deluge of violence, Morsy’s dismissive attitude reveals his once-masked dictatorial disposition. In his interview on Egyptian National Television, Morsy’s spoke in the tone of the patriarch, the father to all Egyptians, a tone quite reminiscent of his ousted predecessor. “Those …

Fady Salah