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Latest in Tag: tahrir sit-in

Tahrir to remain closed until demands are met, say protesters

By Amir Makar and Lina Marwan CAIRO: Protesters in Tahrir Square were divided over opening it to traffic as numbers dwindled, with suggestions ranging from moving the sit-in to outside the cabinet headquarters to calling it off altogether. The sit-in in its current form started on Nov. 19 following a violent crackdown on a much smaller …


Some Tahrir protesters continue hunger strike

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Several Tahrir Square protesters said they would continue their hunger strike, after the Supreme Council of Armed Forces’ (SCAF) refused to respond to their demands in a meeting on Saturday. The demands include referring all civilians who were prosecuted under military trials to ordinary courts, sacking the Prosecutor General and transferring ousted …


Tahrir sit-in continues, protesters call for resignation of SCAF, Cabinet

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: Hundreds of protesters continued a sit-in in Tahrir Square for the third consecutive day demanding the resignation of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and Cabinet for “failing to achieve the revolution’s objectives.” Protesters closed the entrances of the square and the Mugamma’ building (a government administrative complex) and said …


Egypt protesters to stay in Tahrir despite PM promises

By Jailan Zayan / Reuters CAIRO: Protesters who spent their second night in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Sunday vowed to keep up their sit-in despite a series of concessions by the Egyptian prime minister. Pro-democracy activists had camped out on the square — the focus of protests that ousted president Hosni Mubarak in February — after …


Tents pitched in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

By Jailan Zayan/AFP CAIRO: Pro-democracy activists have pitched their tents once again in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Thursday to push for political reforms and to demand that officials found guilty of abuse be brought to justice. After violent clashes in central Cairo that left over 1,000 people injured, a few dozen activists spent a calm night …


Tahrir sit-in attacked; square cleared

By AFP CAIRO: The army broke the sit-in at Tahrir Square Wednesday as attackers armed with knives and machetes waded into hundreds of protesters camping there. An eyewitness told Daily News Egypt that army officers broke the tents while protesters were clashing with the attackers. The officers used force with whoever stood in their way …


Row between those for and against Tahrir Square sit-in

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: Minor quarrels between tens of protestors demanding the end of the current sit-in at Tahrir Square and others refusing to leave took place Sunday in the absence of army and police personnel. Protesters demanding that the square be emptied claimed that those holding the sit-in are not the same people who …


Divisions in Tahrir Square over ongoing sit-in

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: On Tuesday, Tahrir Square was the epicenter of heated debate between protesters and passersby regarding the ongoing sit-in demanding the fall of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq’s cabinet. Hundreds of protesters staging a sit-in in Tahrir Square since Saturday say they will not leave until Shafiq is discharged, the state security apparatus …


Protesters camp out in Tahrir

By Mai Shams El-Din and Amira Salah-Ahmed CAIRO: Protesters remained camped out in Tahrir Square through the early hours of Sunday, in defiance of curfew and a violent crackdown by military police the previous night. By Saturday afternoon, more than a thousand protesters were back in Tahrir Square after being forcefully dispersed by military police in …


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