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In Pictures: 25 January 2016, Yet another militarised response to dissenting protest

  Amid heavy security presence throughout the country, minor anti-government protests continue to be violently dispersed throughout Monday. No casualties have been reported at this time. Protesters affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood have taken to the streets in small groups in several governorates since Sunday night, defying security forces deployed throughout the country in anticipation …

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The poor against Piketty

By Hernando de Soto Thomas Piketty’s, Capital in the 21st Century, has attracted worldwide attention, not because he crusades against inequality – many of us do that – but because of its central thesis; based on his reading of the 19th and 20th centuries: that capital “mechanically produces arbitrary, unsustainable inequalities” inevitably leading the world to misery, violence …

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Egypt between mediocrity and suspension of disbelief

By Wael Eskandar Very little has changed with regards to Egypt’s trajectory of descent into a social and political abyss ever since its security forces dispersed the Islamist sit-ins using great force and even much greater impunity. The slope of decline into a more oppressive police state has indeed been very slippery and while there’s …

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