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Tamarod trial postponed to 28 December

Abdeen Criminal Court in Cairo ruled on Monday to postpone until 28 December court hearings in the case against the Tamarod political movement. The case was filed by lawyer Ashraf Farahat, calling for the Tamarod movement to be banned, and their finances and headquarters confiscated. The lawyer representing Mahmoud Badr, a founder of Tamarod, appeared …

Nourhan Elsebahy

Fractured state

The military continues to descend into further violence, making new enemies and weakening the legitimacy of their allies along the way. How long can they weather the political storm?

Rasheed Hammouda

With friends like Sisi, who needs enemies?

Last week, the interim cabinet approved a controversial new law restricting Egyptians’ ability to hold peaceful assembly. While the law is yet to be ratified by Interim President Mansour, it represents a massive, draconian step backward for Egypt. The law’s ambiguity potentially gives legal basis for aggressive suppression of protests, and in doing so, it …

Rasheed Hammouda

The Evolution of Tamarod

By Nicholas Gjorvad Early last May, Tamarod was merely a small, upstart group created by a handful of rather unknown youth activists.  Two months later, the campaign was known throughout Egypt, the Middle East, and the world.  The original goal of this campaign was simple: force Mohamed Morsi to resign as President of Egypt.  The …

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