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Sisi’s plan: New print of the same edition?

We must begin with the questions that concluded my last article: Is Al-Sisi building a vision? Can we predict this vision based on his current positions? What are the resemblances between this vision and that of former president Gamal Abdel Nasser? Before we try to answer these questions, we must keep in mind Al-Sisi’s performance …

Farid Zahran

One flew over Egypt’s cuckoo’s nest

By Johannes Amin Makar It does not take much to consider Egypt a madhouse of giant proportions. An average walk in the streets of the country’s capital, Cairo, is all you need to rub shoulders with its audio-visual mania. Deafening horns, the hums of the, at times not so romantic, 1,001 minarets, and cars chasing around …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt 2013: What can you tell?

By Fadi Elhusseini Genuine democracy requires practice and partnership, and cannot be realised aloof from people. Mobilising crowds to replace the ballot box is very dangerous as the lust for power and authority can be cast in popular demands, and gain proforma legitimacy. In order to put forward a truthful analysis, one should call a …

Daily News Egypt

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Brothers and generals; the end of coexistence

Almost a year ago, in an article called Brothers and generals, a phase of coexistence, I argued that the dramatic decision by ousted president Mohamed Morsi to “sack” Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi and his deputy General Sami Anan was actually a subtle internal military coup made with the blessing of the Muslim Brotherhood. I believed, …

Maher Hamoud

Review: Morsy’s praise of ex-military gang criticized

In almost all Egyptian newspapers, major columns have denounced President Morsy’s latest tribute to Tantawi and his team, and more than one writer has affirmed that his words are an insult to those who died during the revolution.

Some articles have amplified their criticism of the Shura Council for sacking Al-Gomhuria’s editor-in-chief with a simple word: out! The move, in their view, entails a persistent attitude to step over the Egyptian press and its pride.

Daily News Egypt

Try them campaign: No safe exits for military junta

The “No Safe Exists” campaign names five military leaders as the main focus of their campaign: former Commander-in-Chief Hussein Tantawi, former Chief of Staff Sami Anan, former intelligence chief Morad Mowafi, former Chief of Military Police Hamdy Badeen, and Major General Hassan El-Roweiny

Hend Kortam

New Defence Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sissi (left) has continued to make new appointments to some of the top ranks in Egypt’s military, pictured here with President Mohamed Morsi at the presidential palace in Cairo on 13 August AFP PHOTO/HO/EGYPTIAN PRESIDENCY

Morsy appoints new military commanders

Staff Major General Abdel-Moniem Bayoumi Al-Terras has been appointed Commander of the Air Defence Forces, Staff Air Vice-Marshal Younes El-Sayed Hamed was made Commander of the Air Force and Staff Rear Admiral Osama Ahmed Ahmed El-Gendy is now Commander of the Navy.

Ahmed Aboulenein

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