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Latest in Tag: Tanzania

Ramadan across Africa

The month of Ramadan is similar there to many Arab countries as everyone awaits viewing the crescent, knowing the first day of fasting, and performing Taraweeh prayers in mosques.

Amal Ibrahim

Our Beautiful Planet: Tanzania’s crimson ‘stone animal’ lake

Bright-red Lake Natron in Tanzania may not look inviting enough to take a dip – and that’s a good thing: its water is extremely alkaline. The caustic lake has another strange quality: it appears to turn animals to stone.The scarlet waters of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania are eye-catching enough by themselves. But when coupled …

Deutsche Welle

Protecting Tanzania’s cloud forest from the ground up

Through local conservation projects and guiding tourists, villagers living around Tanzania’s Amani Nature Reserve are protecting the land they once exploited.For seven years, Juma Ayubu Kidy combed a corner of Tanzania’s cloud forest day and night, catching chameleons, birds, tortoises and other animals deemed valuable in the illegal pet trade. One day, a local conservationist …

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Nile Cooperation akin to teamwork in sports

For any football team, you have the goal keeper, defenders, midfielders, strikers, and the coach. These entities blend together so as to secure victory for their team. Separately, they would achieve nothing, for it is through team work (cooperation) that the eleven players can face their opponents (challenges) and win. The players are organised into …

John Rao Nyaoro

Sleeping with the lions: a night in Tanzania

  It sounds crazy, but it happened. I have slept in a tent that was only a few metres away from a pack of lions. I was in the middle of the savannah of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. If I knew that this would be my fate, I may have thought twice before travelling …

Fady Hanna

Indian leader on African tour

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is touring Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. His huge country is looking for raw materials and allies in its quest for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

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