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The elimination of tax exemption is a ‘necessity’: Tax Authority head

Mostafa Abdel Qader, chairman of Egypt’s Tax Authority, requested that tax exemptions that Egypt has granted for decades be eliminated, stressing that Egypt has not reaped benefits from them and that they are a “type of intellectual colonisation”. “The imposition of taxes on dividends and capital gains represent a bigger step towards achieving greater justice,” …

Mohamed Ayyad

The Egyptian Tax Authority warns of pending administrative freeze on 13 petroleum companies; Ministry of Finance refuses to settle the debts

The Egyptian Tax Authority warned 13 public and private/public petroleum companies that they face an administrative freeze, and it has refused to accept their tax returns to date. This follows the Ministry of Finance having refused to settle the companies’ tax debt, which is estimated at EGP 3bn owed to the Tax Authority, according to …

Daily News Egypt

Orascom acquitted of Egyptian tax evasion claims

Reuters – Orascom Construction has been cleared by an Egyptian public prosecutor of all tax evasion claims related to the sale of a building seven years ago to French peer Lafarge in Egypt, Orascom’s Dutch parent OCI said on Tuesday. Orascom, a subsidiary of chemicals and engineering company OCI, asked the prosecutor to clear the company’s name following …

Daily News Egypt

Orascom Construction suspends tax payment to Egypt

Reuters – Orascom Construction Industries has suspended payment of a 31 December instalment of an EGP 7.1bn ($1.02bn) tax settlement with Egypt’s government, its Amsterdam-listed parent company OCI NV said on Wednesday. The settlement was agreed last April, when Islamist President Mohamed Morsi was still in office, and related to claims the company had failed …

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