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So, the constitutional referendum, as expected, has passed with flying colours. Official results cite a turn out that’s over 20 million people who voted Yes for the constitution by 98%. It is again worth noting that the supreme majority of those who voted for the constitution didn’t bother reading it or care what was in …

Mahmoud Salem

Editor’s Letter: Egyptians between the two Gamals (5 of 5): Sisi in Nasser’s suit, Sadat’s tongue and Mubarak’s fist

Since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi on 3 July this year by the military with support of the masses, Egypt is witnessing a unique example of governance models: all-in-one leadership style. Officially, we have Mr Adly Mansour as the interim president of the country until the so-called roadmap is accomplished sometime hopefully this coming …

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Egyptians between the two Gamals (2 of 5): The Mubarakonomics of dismantling Nasser’s state

Ousted president Hosni Mubarak had his own economic model that can be described as an incoherent blend combining the disadvantages of both capitalism and socialism in one entity. We can easily call it Mubarakonomics. A pro-rich neoliberal model in a fat nonfunctioning extremely centralised state. Under such a model, the middle and lower income groups …

Maher Hamoud

Morsi described IMF as a “testament to how capable Egypt is in transitioning economically, rather than a funding opportunity”. (AFP Photo /Egyptian Presidency)

IMF loan talks to resume in March

IMF loan negotiations with Egypt are to resume early March after talks were postponed due to the country’s political turmoil and economic slump, Morsi’s recent austerity measures aim to make Egypt eligible for the loan

Daily News Egypt

Financial community pessimistic

By Mahmoud Kasas Experts in finance and investment banking agreed that the government’s recent decision to postpone the signing of the $4.8 billion IMF loan will have a negative impact on the country’s economic climate. “Postponing the loan will deter investors seeking to do business in Egypt,” said CEO of CI Capital investment bank, Mahmoud …

Fady Salah