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Latest in Tag: tear gas

Winners and losers in the Arab revolutions: Central Europe

By Matyas Eorsi We have more and more reasons to be skeptical about predictions of political analysts and even intelligence services. None of us could foresee that a socially-motivated suicide protest by a young Tunisian man, Mohammed Bouazizi, would be followed by public anger that brought down Tunisia’s brutal dictator. None of us could have seen …


Egypt’s seculars desperate to balance Islamists

CAIRO: Overwhelmed by Islamists in parliamentary elections, the secular and liberal youths who were the driving force behind Egypt’s uprising are scrambling to ensure their voices are not lost as a new constitution and government take shape. Two Islamist blocs — newly emboldened after decades of repression under Mubarak’s secular regime — won close to …


Lower voter turnout in second day of elections run-offs

CAIRO: Voter turnout remained low on Tuesday as Egyptians cast their votes in the second day of the parliamentary elections’ run-offs in nine governorates, with only minor scuffles reported. "Voter turnout is severely low, it reminds us with Mubarak’s days when nobody showed up," Executive Director of the Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) Hossam El-Din Ali …

Mai Shams El-Din

Divided Egypt votes in first post-Mubarak poll

CAIRO: Post-revolution Egypt headed to the polls Monday for a chaotic election clouded by violence and a political crisis that is intended to usher in democracy in the Arab world’s most populous nation. Ten months after the end of 30 years of autocratic rule by Hosni Mubarak, ousted by popular protests in one of the …


Uncomfortable truths

By Philip Whitfield CAIRO: Censorship’s logical end is when nobody is allowed to read any books except the books that nobody reads, wrote George Bernard Shaw. The degree of restriction on political debate before parliamentary elections in a few weeks’ time is a measure of Egypt’s freedom. The media is caught in a conundrum. On the …


Court rejects Ayman Nour appeal, dashing presidential hopes

CAIRO: The Court of Cassation dismissed Sunday an appeal by former opposition leader Ayman Nour, head of the New Ghad Party, in which he asked for a retrial in the case of the Ghad Party proxies he was accused of forging. Chief Justice Talaat Rifai supported the verdict of the Criminal Court that had sentenced …

Daily News Egypt

Electoral commission to issue regulations of political rights law

CAIRO: Egypt’s Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC), which will monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections, is slated to issue the regulations for the political rights laws in the upcoming days. The regulations will include 38 articles that will guide the electoral process and give the power to the SEC to manage every stage, from preparing the voters’ …


Subway expansion digs up Roman city under Sofia

Cars zoom by on the boulevards overhead as work progresses on expanding the subway underneath —and in between a full-fledged Roman city has emerged right in the heart of the Bulgarian capital. Archaeologists have little by little unearthed well-preserved stretches of cobbled Roman streets, a public bath, the ruins of a dignitary’s house and the …


The sword and shield of the state

After the rebellion comes the reckoning. At its core, Egypt’s new society needs trust. Adversaries have to bury the hatchet and get on with one another. In practical terms that means respecting laws made to preserve democracy and appointing police that impartially maintain law and order. Lawrence of Arabia helped hatch the plan to bring …

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