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Telecom Egypt back to square one

By Mohamed Alaa El-Din and Aisha Zedan Many years were wasted in negotiations between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and mobile companies on one hand, and the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) along with the four phone operators on the other. The negotiations aimed at implementing the unified license, but things got complicated, …

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Google evades taxes worldwide

Google is repeating a familiar story by avoiding tax payments, to achieve maximum short-term revenues, while ordinary people are left to pay the bill for basic services which directly benefit the company.

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Vast growth in local Internet advertising in 2015

Advertising through the Internet is vastly growing during this period, said Natalie Youssef, CEO of Enova Digital Marketing & Advisory, noting that it grows with rates of more than 10% to date. She added that the industry grows steadily in the Middle East, especially Egypt. The North African country has all the major elements needed …

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Middle East Internet advertising spending to reach $666.4m by 2018

An advertising spending report by strategy consultancy firm McKinsey & Company has shown that internet marketing is the second highest advertising means in terms of growth worldwide. The business is expected to achieve global annual growth of 9.6% between 2013 and 2018, with digital advertising spending expected to increase from $476.2m in 2014 to reach …

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