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Latest in Tag: tel aviv

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 to take place in Tel Aviv

Despite calls for boycotts, Israel’s cultural center has been chosen to host next year’s song contest. Tel Aviv was picked over the contested city of Jerusalem, which both Israelis and Palestinians claim as a capital.The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced that Tel Aviv will host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The Israeli government had …

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Why the BBC were wrong to pick Tel Aviv as the best city for expats

It is a vibrant city with great beaches, fantastic food and a lively night life. But Tel Aviv and its residents are also facing major problems that make the city almost impossible to live in. In recent years, Tel Aviv’s residents have become accustomed to hearing more languages than just Hebrew in the streets – …

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In Pictures: African asylum seekers protest in Tel Aviv

AFP – The migrants, primarily from Eritrea and Sudan, are protesting to call for help in the face of Israel’s refusal to grant them refugee status. Last month, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) warned that Israel could be in breach of international law with new legislation that allows for the potentially indefinite detention of asylum-seekers. …

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New Egyptian ambassador in Tel Aviv

Egypt has appointed a new ambassador to Israel. Atef Salem el-Ahl is currently serving in the Egyptian consulate in the Israeli resort town of Eilat. The appointment is standard operating procedure as a number of embassies change leadership at the end of a four year cycle. El-Ahl’s appointment has pleased Israeli and international spectators who have …

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