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The story of television

In the late 1960s, there were only seven houses in our neighbourhood and the rest of the region was agricultural land. Mr. Atteya, who came from Sharqeya and had the second largest house in the neighbourhood, was the only one who owned a television set in this part of the governorate. No one knew anything …

Mohamed Abdel Kareem

Freedom matters – even in a poor and uninformed nation

By Mohammed Nosseir Freedom is, and will continue to be, the most important attribute not only of genuinely democratic nations, but also of a people’s development and progress. Freedom is a gift from God that people can enjoy without burdening their respective governments. Yet autocratic rulers, who usually believe that they are right, are unable to …

Daily News Egypt

Should Egypt be governed by majority rule or by rule of law?

By Mohammed Nosseir The term ‘majority’ could be a very pleasant one, used to refer to a segment of any given society. In reality, rulers and citizens tend to commit a number of mistakes based on a false assumption known as ‘majority rule’. This is what has been happening in our attempt to develop a …

Daily News Egypt

Ramadan commercials 2013

Numerous companies spend large amounts of money on massive advertising campaigns in Ramadan in the hope of becoming the most talked about, the catchiest, the most popular and hence the most successful.

Daily News Egypt

Minister of Information Abdel Maqsood said he wanted more Muslim Brotherhood candidates to hire for the ministry (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim)

Maspero in crisis: report

The AFTE also claimed former head of the state-run TV sector Essam El-Amir resigned last December because of intervention in the coverage of the presidential palace clashes.

Daily News Egypt

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