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Opinion: Every fire begins with just a spark

The recent tensions on the Korean border could escalate unintentionally. It is time for Beijing to mediate and take the initiative to resolve the crisis, says DW’s Alexander Freund. If you have not visited the Korean Peninsula, you cannot fully understand the absurdity of the inter-Korean border conflict. Soldiers on both sides of the border …

Deutsche Welle

Tunisia braces for rival demos as crisis talks fail

AFP-  Supporters and opponents of Tunisia’s Islamist-led government were expected to flood the streets of the capital in rival rallies Tuesday marking national women’s day, after a bid to resolve a weeks-old crisis foundered. The government led by the Islamist Ennahda party and its detractors have been locked in a bitter feud sparked by the murder …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt and Turkey are the key countries to ease tensions in Syria

By Aylin Kocaman In watching the disorder on Syria that has lasted for two years and cost 70,000 lives, people have always asked, “What is Assad doing?” They believed the problem could be resolved with a single decision from Bashar Al-Assad. They imagined he was alone in his character of dictator. Assad is not alone. …

Daily News Egypt

Egyptian-Cypriot gas exploration likely to raise tension with Israel

Foreign ministers of Egypt and Cyprus have said the prospect of cooperating to exploit offshore hydrocarbons reservoirs is vast. However a “dispute between Egypt and Israel might ensue”, petroleum agreements expert and member of the Association for International Petroleum Negotiators at Zaki Hashem& Partners, EssamTaha, told Daily News Egypt. Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Mohamed KamalAmr, said …

Islam Serour

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