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Nervous thanaweya amma test takers following calculus exam on Sunday Ahmed Al-Malky

Alleged exam leaker detained

A student accused of leaking secondary education (thanaweya amma) exams to students via social media in return for money was arrested on Wednesday. The Zagazig Prosecution on Saturday officially ordered his detention. The defendant is being detained for four days pending investigations. According to the investigations, which were published by media outlets, the defendant is …

Adham Youssef

Not a test: thanaweya amma controversy hits new low with stadium stunt

Believe it or not, this is not a football match and these are not loyal fans supporting their favourite team. This is actually a final review session of philosophy for thanaweya amma (secondary school) students. Instead of gathering students into small groups in order to review the curriculum, one philosophy teacher gathered all of his …

Daily News Egypt