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Latest in Tag: Thanaweyya Amma

Egypt’s Thanaweyya Amma students highlight difficult Statics exam

Several students in the Mathematics division taking this year’s Thanaweyya Amma (high-school leaving) exams have complained about the difficulty of the Statics exam. The students noted that the applied mathematics exam consisted of 25 questions, most of which were indirect and required a long time to be answered. They also pointed out that the exam …

Daily News Egypt


Thanaweyya Amma Dynamics exam leaked on social media: Education Ministry

Egypt’s Ministry of Education and Technical Education has revealed that some social media accounts circulated questions from Wednesday’s Dynamics exam in the Thanaweyya Amma (high school-leaving). The ministry has tracked a student in Qena governorate who was involved in leaking the exam. It has also detected three cases of cheating in the Dynamics exam, including …

Shaimaa Raafat

Students complain of difficult algebra exam in Thanaweyya Amma

Students complained, on Wednesday, about the difficulty of the Algebra and Stereo Geometry exam in this year’s Thanaweyya Amma (high school leaving) exams. Some students said that about 25% of the exam’s questions were difficult, while others expressed their dissatisfaction with the answers. The students also noted that the exam was long, and more time …

Bassant Mohammed