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The Hurt Locker: Hellish Paradise

Having watched it for the second time yesterday, I am still as captivated as I was five years ago when I first watched it. The Hurt Locker, which is slang in the military for an emotional place of unfathomable pain, is the title given to Kathryn Bigelow’s 2010’s Oscar-winning film. The film follows a group …

Farida El-Sayed

The Hurt Locker: how to use film to create pro-war propaganda?

Somewhere in Iraq, a soldier steps forward to disable a bomb, some tension rises and then boom, the bomb explodes. After his death, the main protagonist of the film Sergeant William appears to take the lost one’s place. William is a stubborn, sarcastic, well-trained explosives expert who is always fixing issues even when he does …

Mohammed Tarek

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