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The Middle East between facing threats, challenges and the hope for stability

The following is an abridged and edited transcript of Sayed Ghoniem’s lecture at the NATO defence college on 25 February 2016.   During the previous decade, Arab countries faced a number of big challenges, some of which have evolved into threats challenging governments, institutions, and people. There was a deterioration in economic, education, and health …

Sayed Ghoneim

China and the Middle East: Tilting towards Iran?

President Xi Jinping went from Riyadh to Iran this month to become the first foreign leader to do so following the lifting of international sanctions against the Islamic republic. Saudi leaders could not have been pleased. China and Saudi Arabia (and Egypt) signed $55bn worth of cooperation agreements during Xi’s visit, including a nuclear cooperation …

James Dorsey

The Middle East: Rising and falling stars

By Fadi Elhusseini In 2011, Turkey was seen as an unstoppable regional power and a rising star, led by its Justice and Development Party (AKP). But the arrival of the Arab Spring heralded a deep change in the region. Turkey’s prominence began to fade and Iran’s potential appeared to be rising with the progress it …

Daily News Egypt

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