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War breaks out

By Philip Whitfield Before conniptions consume, inhale the acronyms. FAG: (For/Against Government), IMP: the British Imperial Tobacco Group the world’s fourth-largest ciggie peddler flogging 320bn cigarettes a year (Davidoff in Egypt) after PMI: Philip Morris International (Marlboros / Merit), BAT British American Tobacco (Rothmans/Dunhill) and arriving on the 1 July JT Japan Tobacco (Winston/Salem). And …

Daily News Egypt

Smoke and mirrors: Smuggled cigarettes

There’s no doubt that smoking is a detrimental practice; no matter how light some cigarettes are, they still do harm to the body. Yet in Egypt, about 40% of adult men and 8% of adult women are smokers, and since 25 January, access to cigarettes has only increased, as new brands have entered the Egyptian market illegally and are sold at cheaper prices. The Daily News Egypt looks into the issue of smuggled cigarettes and their additional harmful impact on smokers.

Sarah El Masry

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