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In Pictures: World leaders gather in Cairo for permanent Gaza solution

International community representatives at the Gaza Reconstruction Conference in Cairo called Sunday for a lasting solution to the Gaza conflict to avoid another turn in the cycle of destructive conflict. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi reiterated Egypt’s support for Palestine as he opened the conference, emphasising to Israel that it is “time to end the conflict”. …

Aya Nader

Why Bush and Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes

By Dr Cesar Chelala Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently stated that air strikes and drones should be used once again on Iraq to stem recent gains by extremists in that country. Mr Blair is oblivious of the responsibility he shares with former US president George W Bush on account of one of the most serious …

Daily News Egypt

The good fight against malaria

By Tony Blair and Ray Chambers LONDON: The tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, and Hurricane Katrina are among the world’s most notorious recent natural disasters. Their fierce devastation claimed thousands of lives, destroyed vital infrastructure, and crippled economies. The communities affected could not be more different from one another, and yet the similarities in …


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