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Shahira Amin

The volcano erupts

The outpouring of rage in Islamic countries isn’t just about a low-budget film insulting the prophet Muhammad. It is the eruption of a volcano that has been simmering for the past eleven years

Shahira Amin

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry announced the execution of four men and the whipping of another seven (File photo) AFP PHOTO / HASSAN AMMAR

Saudi Arabia beheads four, whips many more

Four people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia for breaching Saudi Islamic law, while seven Egyptians were sentenced to lashes and jail-time. The punishments handed out in Saudi bring into question their commitment to human rights as defined within the UN charter

Luiz Sanchez

UK minister sued for sending Libyan back to torture

By Avril Ormsby, Guy Faulconbridge, Limei Hoang and Matt Falloon / Reuters LONDON: A Libyan military commander is suing former British foreign minister Jack Straw for allegedly authorizing his illegal transfer to Libya where he faced years of torture in Muammar Gaddafi’s prisons, a lawyer for the commander said on Wednesday. The action against an …


Protesters recount torture while in military detention

by Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: Protesters arrested by the military police during its March 9 evacuation of the Tahrir Square sit-in gave testimonials of torture and humiliation while in military custody at the Journalists’ Syndicate on Wednesday. Protester Salwa Al-Housiny Gouda, said she and a group of young women were forced to strip naked in military …


Rights groups accuse military police of torturing, detaining activists

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: A number of human rights groups accused the military police of torturing as well as arbitrarily detaining protesters and activists over the past two weeks. Over 150 people who participated in the January 25 Revolution were subject to questioning by the military prosecution; some were then referred to a military court. …


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