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Latest in Tag: tourism minister

Rania Al-Mashat, deputy governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE Public domain

Tourism Minister Rania Al-Mashat: a very old, very new idea

Many were taken by surprise when news leaked that locally and internationally acclaimed economist Rania Al-Mashat was appointed to become Egypt’s minister of tourism, followingsucceeding Yehia Rashed, who was known for his quite impressive record of experience in the field and for the pivotal roles he played therein for many years. Mostly, comments on the …

Mohamed Shirin El Hawary

Northwest Coast Development Project

The Northwest Coast Development Project is among the vast developmental and multidimensional projects currently run by the government, according to a statement made by Minister of Tourism, Hisham Zaazou. Zaazou said that the project will serve both tourism and agricultural purposes in the northwest coast hinterlands, increasing population density in the Delta through big environmental …

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