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Opinion: Let’s just call it by its name — a winnable trade war

The tariff tiff between China and the US has reached levels unimaginable a year ago. But China is running out of ammunition and the global trade regime may be on the brink of big change, says DW’s Timothy Rooks.When Washington announced 25 percent tariffs on $50 billion (€42.7 billion) of Chinese goods earlier this year, …

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German business morale suffers on threat of trade war

Confidence among German businesses keeps falling, the most recent monthly survey by a German think tank has shown. Current escalating global trade tensions were reported to be behind the drop in morale.German business confidence dropped for a second straight month in March, reaching its lowest level in nearly a year, Germany’s Ifo economic think tank …

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US companies warn of trade war with China

US companies operating in China have warned the future administration under Donald Trump against heading toward a trade war with China. They said excessive US import tariffs were likely to trigger retaliation.In a fresh survey presented Wednesday, the American Chamber of Commerce warned of a full-blown trade war with China, indicating that the Asian nation …

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