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Passenger traffic at airports increases 0.85% in July

Hurghada International Airport witnessed a significant increase in the number of passengers, recording 431,000 passengers versus 230,000, up by 87.4%. Aircraft traffic at Hurghada airport recorded 3,300 planes, compared to only 2,000 in the same month last year

Ahmed Saad

2.6% growth in passenger traffic at airports during June

Passenger traffic grew by 2.6% in all local airports through June. According to statistics issued by the Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation (EHCAAN), the traffic reached 1.9 million passengers during June, compared to 1.8 million passengers in the same month last year. Passenger traffic at Cairo International Airport declined by 16.5% to …

Ahmed Saad

Ideas on how Egypt could liberate its traffic congestion

Aimlessly cruising with a private vehicle in a country like Egypt should not be a personal decision, where citizens lose hours in commuting, which leads to increasing pollution and consuming significant amounts of partially subsidised fuel. The chronic problem of Egypt’s traffic congestion constitutes of drivers’ misbehaviour accompanied by no real penalties, using a large …

Mohammed Nosseir

20 killed in 3 Friday road accidents

By Sarah Abdallah Twenty people were killed in three separate road accidents on Friday. The first of these was on the Aswan Agricultural Road and happened between two cars and two trucks. The bodies of the three fatalities and injured were transported to the General Cemetery of Aswan. 14 injuries were sent to Aswan Educational …

Daily News Egypt

Englishman in New York

Would you like this delivered? It was a normal question in Cairo. But in Brooklyn, New York, my friend was a little surprised. New York City residents do boast about being able to have anything delivered. But, if McDonald’s doesn’t have 24-hour delivery, how much can they really boast? After a trip to the other place he calls home, an Egyptian-American friend was talking about the conveniences he enjoyed while being back in New York and how they compare to Cairo. …

Iris Boutros