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Egyptian lawmakers blame US travel warning of unsafe Egypt

Egyptian members of parliament (MPs) said they sent blame messages to the US for portraying an unsafe image of Egypt, in a Monday meeting with Thomas Goldberger, the US embassy’s chargé d’affaires. According to MP Tarek El-Khouly, the secretary-general of the parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, the MPs objected to the latest embassy’s travel warning against …

Daily News Egypt

Over 100 years of travel photography

Travel selfies or holiday snaps on Facebook – traveling seems to inspire photography. An exhibition in Berlin shows holiday impressions from well-known photographers. Here is a small sample of what to expect.The exhibition “Faraway Focus – Photographers Go Traveling (1880-2015)” offers a stroll through the history of travel photography. As a genre, travel photography emerged …

Deutsche Welle

Donald Trump v the arts

Among the victims of president Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and immigrants from seven Middle Eastern countries is Kinan Azmeh, a noted Syrian clarinettist and composer. Presently, Azmeh is stuck in Beirut, even though he has an EB-1 “alien with extraordinary abilities” visa and has lived in New York for the past 16 years. The US government’s prohibition for Azmeh …

Cesar Chelala

The “Trump” virus takes over the American system

An individual in the face of an institution is one of the most prominent dilemmas in politics. With an individual’s decisions, creativity, and innovative solutions come, and may be resisted by institutions. With an individual’s decisions, wrong decisions that must be limited by institutions may also come. Institutionalism means the multiplicity of decision-making authorities and …

Moataz Bellah Abdel-Fattah

Iranian artists featured in Berlin amid outrage over Trump’s travel ban

While Iranian passport-holders are temporarily banned from entering the US, top Iranian artists, authors and musicians take the limelight in Berlin. The Goethe-Institut presents a three-month series, “Iranian Modernity.”With numerous exhibitions and publications raising the profile of Iranian art in recent years, and auctioneers welcoming items from the central Asian country in their catalogues, works …

Deutsche Welle