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How Twitter and Facebook celebrate IWD

In previous years, Facebook witnessed a wide range of global feminist initiatives that discussed several important societal issues, such as combating harassment, encouraging sports, supporting victims of violence, patients with chronic diseases, early detection of breast cancer, and others.

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Twitter weighs paid subscription to ‘power users’

The micro-blogging service plans to offer an advanced Tweetdeck experience with more powerful options for businesses and power uses under efforts to broaden its revenue base in view of dwindling advertising income.The plan to monetize Tweetdeck came to light on Thursday when screenshots started appearing on Twitter showing a mock-up of the proposed service. An …

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#PrayforLondon: Twitter responds to London attacks

In the wake of the London attack, there was an outpouring of concern on social media, especially via the #Prayfor hashtag used also after the Paris, Nice, Brussels and Berlin terrorist attacks.A European metropolis was again the target of an attack when on Wednesday afternoon a man drove a car into a group of passersby …

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The rise of political bots on social media

Automated social media accounts – bots – have become part of our political communication. Bot armies can influence online discourse and pick fights with users. But are all bots bad? Thomas Baerthlein reports from London.

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Erdogan and social media: use and abuse

After using social media to publicly quash the coup, Turkey’s government is cracking down on news sites and purging state institutions again. Here is how censorship works in the country – and how Turks react to it.

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Internet giants agree to curb hate speech

Major Internet companies Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube have teamed up with the European Commission to combat the spread of hate speech online. They agreed to tackle flagged posts or videos within 24 hours.

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British singing sensation Ed Sheeran quits social media

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is quitting social media, well, for now anyway. With more than 16 million Twitter followers, Sheeran says he wants to stop ‘seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes.’ Making the announcement via his Instagram account, Sheeran wrote he was “taking a break from [his] phone, emails and all …

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Anonymous hacktivists say they’ve taken down IS Twitter accounts

The international hacking network Anonymous has “declared war” on the “Islamic State” following Friday’s fatal attacks in Paris. Now the movement reports that more than 5500 Twitter accounts of ISIS are down. They attack websites, crack servers and take down extremists’ social media accounts. In a video posted on YouTube# on Saturday, the hacktivist group …

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#Bataclan: SOS on Twitter

After the terror in Paris, desperate people are searching for missing friends or relatives. During the night, a number of city residents offered shelter to stranded compatriots and tourists. “Alarm! If anybody knows anything about Lola, 17, white, this evening in #Bataclan, please let me know!” Or: “I’m looking for my little sister Souad”; “My …

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Twitter CEO gives away shares to boost staff morale

Twitter co-founder and Chief Executive Jack Dorsey wants to devote a third of his personally-held shares to the firm’s employee equity pool, in an apparent bid to enhance corporate identity amid difficult times. Amid a major downsizing drive announced by Twitter earlier this month, Jack Dorsey announced Thursday he would devote the shares to the …

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