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EU ‘positive’ on Russia-Ukraine gas talks

Talks have taken place in Berlin between the EU, Ukraine and Russia over the transit of gas from Russia to Europe. The forthcoming Nord Stream 2 project has stoked Ukrainian fears of economic isolation.The EU sounded an optimistic note on Tuesday following talks in Berlin with envoys from Moscow and Kiev over a dispute regarding …

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‘NordStream 2 to pump, but Ukraine gas transit will remain’

German energy expert Roland Götz believes the controversial gas pipeline will come into operation in 2019. But Russia’s Gazprom and Ukraine’s Naftogaz first need to reach a gas transit deal, he says.Dr. Roland Götz is one of the most-renowned scientists of Eastern European studies and an independent expert on European-Russian energy relations. DW: Ukraine has …

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Ukraine wins battle with Gazprom in contract clash

A Stockholm-based arbitration tribunal has taken the side of Ukraine’s state-owned gas company Naftogaz in its conflict with Gazprom. Analysts told DW what this decision meant for Russia’s gas monopoly.A three-year clash between Russia and Ukraine over the terms of a gas contract signed in 2009 has reached its critical point. In a move marking …

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