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Latest in Tag: UNHCR

Thinking critically about Syria’s refugee crisis

By Matthew Timmerman Lebanon recently announced it will further curtail the flow of Syrian refugees across its border. With these refugees numbering half the size of the country’s indigenous population (by the government’s estimate), occupying 60% of the labour market, and the total cost of their accommodation estimated at $3bn – it’s a calculated decision …

Daily News Egypt

67 arrested in attempt to illegally migrate to Italy

By  Kenneth Changpertitum Sixty seven migrants were arrested Tuesday when trying to set sail off the coastal of city of Metoubes in the governorate of Kafr Al-Sheikh while attempting to emigrate to Italy, said state-owned MENA. In the early morning hours, border guards along with state security forces detained 62 Egyptians, 4 Somalis and 1 …

Daily News Egypt

South Sudan – from cease-fire to sustainable peace?

By Ivan Simonovic “We were picked up at checkpoints or during house searches. They recognised us by our accents, or by the traditional marks on our faces. 200-400 of us were brought to a room of a police station, so small that we were suffocating. Suddenly they opened fire on us from two windows. I …

Daily News Egypt