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Egypt should call for change in the UN Security Council

The latest elections for the United Nations Security Council’s 10 non-permanent seats have come and gone without much fanfare, a clear testament to the fringe importance of what should be one of the most sought after offices any country could aspire to. These elections come at a pivotal point in global security, with the Middle …

Daily News Egypt

Pope focuses minds on poverty: Now it’s time to change approach

Just coming out of the Assembly Hall at the UN headquarters in New York, and the excitement about the Pope’s address is palpable. He talked to leaders from around the world who are here to sign off on the new development goals that will replace the Millennium Development Goals. It was great and appropriate that …

Daily News Egypt

Fulfilling our responsibility to protect in Yemen

According to the latest United Nations estimate, at least 1,916 civilians have been killed in Yemen since 26 March 2015 as a result of the fighting between the Saudi-led coalition, the Houthis, and their respective allies. While both parties are responsible for the deaths of civilians, the majority have reportedly been killed as a result …

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