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The illusion of American democracy

Opinion| The illusion of American democracy

The development of the situation in the wake of the recent attack on the US Congress, the continuing violent demonstrations, the declaration of a state of emergency in Washington, D.C. until the inauguration of Joe Biden, and the deployment of security forces on the streets prove to the whole world the fragility of the democratic …

Marwa El- Shinawy

Trump in Middle Eastern eyes

When Trump walked into the White House in January 2017, panic spread like a bonfire, not only amongst US liberal circles – whatever their understanding of “liberal” might be – but also all across the globe, from Canada to Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and eventually the Middle East as well. In American politics there were …

Mohamed Shirin El Hawary

Blame Egypt, think why later

In a research paper I am currently preparing, I found out that there was some kind of a decision taken by opinion-making circles in the west to blame Egypt and Egyptians every day and then look for justifications later. The presidency of Egypt is the most undermined, followed by the armed forces, the police, media, …

United States: A tale of morals and cruelty

By Mohammed Nosseir There is no doubt that the United States of America is by far the most controversial nation among Arabs. Consecutive US Administrations have somehow managed to cultivate an intense love-hate relationship with millions of Arabs. The valid question ‘Why do they hate us?’, raised in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, can …

Daily News Egypt

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