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Top 10 most popular sports in the United States 

Despite the fact that soccer is by far the most popular sport globally, many Americans believe that world football is unfair. American cultural values have deep love for the concept of justice. The “American Dream” is a story about justice. Those who are honest, hard-working, get what they deserve. Americans are more interested in other …

Daily News Egypt

Defeating the Islamic State: A war mired in contradictions

US president Donald J. Trump’s vow to defeat what he terms radical Islamic terrorism forces the United States to maneuver the Middle East and North Africa’s murky world of ever shifting alliances and labyrinth of power struggles within power struggles. The pitfalls are complex and multiple. They range from differences within the 68-member anti-Islamic State …

James Dorsey

Poverty: the dark side of the American empire

If we have learned anything from this last presidential election, it is that poverty continues to be a concept ignored by president-elect Donald Trump and by United States politicians. Although both avoid using the word like a naked man avoids a poisonous snake, poverty is integral to the current reality of the US socio-political landscape. …

Cesar Chelala

My message to Obama’s successor

  I am currently travelling around the United States (US) after spending a very enlightening few days in Washington DC where I was privileged to address delegates attending the 25th Annual Arab-US Policymakers Conference for the second year running. This year, the event was titled “The next US presidency and US-Arab relations, probabilities, possibilities, potential …

Khalaf Al Habtoor

I am one of your ‘bad hombres’, señor Trump

During the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump said: “we have some bad hombres here”. This was said in clear reference to the Latinos coming to the United States (US). As CNN commentator Van Jones explained: “The only time this man has used Spanish in the entire election was used to stereotype …

Cesar Chelala

Embargo on Cuba is an embarrassment for the United States

  The United States’ abstention on a resolution to end its economic embargo on Cuba—a first  after opposing it for 24 years—is an implicit acknowledgement of the wrongfulness of such a measure. It has brought considerable and unnecessary suffering to the Cuban people and hasn’t brought any positive results to the US. Cuba’s foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez said …

Cesar Chelala