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Natural resources to be used in Upper Egypt development project

Upper Egypt’s natural resources will be tapped into to develop the region through the Golden Triangle Project, the second largest developmental project run by the Egyptian government. The project seeks to establish a new industrial capital city through constructing a global, touristic, mining, economic, commercial, and industrial centre. It will also create a logistic and …

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Hermes allocates EGP 50m for development projects in Upper Egypt, 20m for ‘Long Live Egypt’ fund

Investment bank EFG-Hermes Financial has allocated EGP 50m for its sub-organisation Hermes Foundation for Social Development in order to pursue development projects in several villages in Upper Egypt beginning early 2015, according to the bank’s timetable for implementation. The project aims to provide services to 30,000 citizens. Mona Zulfikar, chairwoman of the board of trustees …

Mohamed Ayyad