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Fed moves to prevent US economy from overheating

On Wednesday, the US central bank again raised its benchmark overnight lending rate by another 25 basis points— the fifth rate hike since it ended its ultra-low interest rate policy in December 2016, and setting current rates to a range of 1.50 percent to 1.75 percent.

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US economy grows more than expected

The United States has revised an official estimate of how the economy fared in the fourth quarter of 2015, reflecting stronger-than-expected consumer spending amid a tightening labor market and rising housing prices.

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Yellen: ‘December rate hike possible, not certain’

Fed Chair Janet Yellen told lawmakers the US economy is “performing well” and a December rate hike could be justified. But she reiterated that the central bank’s monetary policy committee had not made a decision yet. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said a rate hike in December was a “live” possibility, but not a certainty. …

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Fed policy and inflation fisk

By Martin Feldstein CAMBRIDGE: During the past four years, the United States Federal Reserve has added enormous liquidity to the US commercial banking system, and thus to the American economy. Many observers worry that this liquidity will lead in the future to a rapid increase in the volume of bank credit, causing a brisk rise …


The American recovery

By Mohamed A. El-Erian NEWPORT BEACH: The United States has gone through an arduous period of intervention and rehabilitation since the global financial crisis in 2008 sent it to the economic equivalent of the emergency room. It moved from the intensive-care unit to the recovery room and, just recently, was discharged from the hospital. The question …


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