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Latest in Tag: US military

US Military airbase attacked by Al-Shabaab in Kenya

The Al-shabaab extremist militant group has launched an attack against a US military based in Kenya. The eastern Kenya military base is being used by Kenyan and US forces. The group claimed the destruction of seven aircraft and three military vehicles in its statement claiming responsibility. The group also claimed “intense fighting” with US personnel …

Hossam El-Din Talaat

US military saves desert tortoises through ‘re-homing’

US Marines and biologists airlift nearly a thousand threatened desert tortoises to new locations safe from a military base expansion. But the translocation mission brings its own risks.A battle between the desert tortoise and the United States military has reached a dĂ©tente in the sun-parched Mojave Desert of southern California. At issue was, as with …

Deutsche Welle

Force-feeding prisoners is a criminal act

By Dr Cesar Chelala The decision by US District Court Judge Gladys Kessler determining that the US military can force-feed a Syrian detainee at the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is a well intentioned but wrong decision. It allows the US government to continue a criminal practice that has been widely condemned by medical professionals and …

Daily News Egypt

Israel continues spying on the US

By Dr. Cesar Chelala As Middle East peace efforts go through another round of failure, information published by Newsweek magazine indicates that Israel has been conducting spying activities in the US. Although the main targets are industrial and technical secrets, they have a connection to national security that makes these activities by a US ally highly reprehensible. This is not the first …

Daily News Egypt

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