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Polezni Durak and the summit of Riyadh

“Escape to the front” is one of the tactical plans known in war, politics, and economy. Tactics are flexible plans​ to achieve a partial goal that responds to the moment’s data and necessities. Tactics are also a kind of maneuver to improve one’s own position, whether it’s executed by a state, a government, or a …

Mohamed El Saadany

Egyptian Students Less Likely to Study in US

Data gathered by shows that priorities of Egyptian students have shifted when it comes to their destinations for studying abroad. The report mentions that in the period between January and April, the US lost its first place to Canada, followed by the UK and Australia. Following are some points and key findings of the …

Daily News Egypt

The three messages of the US strike on Syria

The chemical bombing of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria was a golden opportunity for Trump’s administration to convey three messages. The first message is an internal one: the US president was like a bad machine—talks much, does little. He only fulfilled a small part of his internal agenda. What he did was so little that some …