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Blame Egypt, think why later

In a research paper I am currently preparing, I found out that there was some kind of a decision taken by opinion-making circles in the west to blame Egypt and Egyptians every day and then look for justifications later. The presidency of Egypt is the most undermined, followed by the armed forces, the police, media, …

US, Turkey plan for ‘IS’-free buffer zone along Syria-Turkey border

The US and Turkish government have agreed to create a strategic safe zone on the Syrian-Turkish border to combat "IS" militants. The move comes as Ankara makes a dramatic shift in its policy towards the terrorists. The plan foresees the creation of a buffer zone out of a 68-mile (109 kilometer) stretch of land still under IS control, a senior…

Deutsche Welle

Yemen: The little army that could

By Dr Cesar Chelala In his book Century of the Wind, the late Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano tells how in 1927 the US Marines landed in Nicaragua to quell a revolutionary revolt by Augusto César Sandino, who led a ragtag army of Nicaraguan peasants to fight the invasion. Armed primarily with machetes and 19th century rifles, Sandino’s army fought …

Daily News Egypt

From New York with Love to Sisi

By Amr Khalifa Sometime last week, on the Ismailiyia-Cairo highway, there was a man hung by rope from a billboard. Painful, but precise, the image rendered an imperfect Egyptian economic/political landscape. That postcard of desperation was the furthest thing from the minds of Sisi supporters at the other end of the world at the UN. …

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