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Egypt, USA review ‘Bright Star 2021’ exercises at Mohammed Najib Military Base

Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces, has met with Kenneth McKenzie, Commander of the US Central Command, and his accompanying delegation, who is currently visiting Egypt to follow up on the joint training activities “Bright Star 2021”. The military exercises will continue until 17 September at the Mohammed Najib Military Base. …

Sami Hegazi

The illusion of American democracy

Opinion| The illusion of American democracy

The development of the situation in the wake of the recent attack on the US Congress, the continuing violent demonstrations, the declaration of a state of emergency in Washington, D.C. until the inauguration of Joe Biden, and the deployment of security forces on the streets prove to the whole world the fragility of the democratic …

Marwa El- Shinawy

Blame Egypt, think why later

In a research paper I am currently preparing, I found out that there was some kind of a decision taken by opinion-making circles in the west to blame Egypt and Egyptians every day and then look for justifications later. The presidency of Egypt is the most undermined, followed by the armed forces, the police, media, …

The ending of a beautiful friendship?

Trump does not only want to build real walls, he also wants to isolate the USA economically. Merkel will seek to fend off his plans when she visits Washington – and that is not only in her interest.Ever since Donald Trump’s inauguration, many economists have feared that his stance on foreign trade could trigger an …

Deutsche Welle

Alec Baldwin, actor and activist, USA

“If they cut the forests down, we’re never going to get to two degrees. Never.” As an actor, supporter of the arts and animal rights activist, Alec Baldwin is a man of many hats. The latest has brought him to Paris to lend his distinctive voice to those whose own so often go unheard. Those …

Deutsche Welle

San Bernardino shooting highlights tensions within Islam

The involvement of a Pakistani woman in the San Bernadino shooting throws light on deep religious differences between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, says Pakistani columnist Nadeem F. Paracha. The recent mass shooting in California, involving as it did a young Pakistani woman who had spent time in Saudi Arabia, has finally revealed to Western media …

Deutsche Welle

Iran showdown in Congress damages US credibility

The White House has secured enough support in the Senate to successfully veto a resolution that would “disapprove” of the Iran nuclear deal. But it is a hollow victory, as a presidential veto could damage US credibility. The votes have been tallied. At least 34 US Senators will support the Iran nuclear deal, and back …

Deutsche Welle

US, Turkey plan for ‘IS’-free buffer zone along Syria-Turkey border

The US and Turkish government have agreed to create a strategic safe zone on the Syrian-Turkish border to combat "IS" militants. The move comes as Ankara makes a dramatic shift in its policy towards the terrorists. The plan foresees the creation of a buffer zone out of a 68-mile (109 kilometer) stretch of land still under IS control, a senior…

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