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One in four historic German vegetables extinct

Heard of the “invincible broccoli,” the “gladiator cucumber” or the “Arabic runner bean”? They’re three examples of the thousands of vegetables that have disappeared from German plates, according to a government report.Researchers in Germany have found that around 75 percent of vegetables grown at some point between 1836 and 1956 no longer exist, Germany’s Federal …

Deutsche Welle

Abd El Wahab Sons aims to boost exports to 45,000 tonnes in 2017

Abd El Wahab Sons – Fresh Fruits & Vegetables aims to boost its exports to reach 45,000 tonnes this year, up from 25,000 tonnes last year—an increase of 80% The chairperson of the company, Khalid Abdelwahab, said that the company will sign more deals with farmers to stimulate exports, next to cultivating 1,000 feddans owned …

Amany Radwan

Bites Fil Beit: Turkey breast with vegetables

We love food. We love the real, down to earth, tried-and-tested, handed-down-through-the-generations, local Egyptian food. Here is your chance to learn how to make these local delicacies in your own home. And just so you know what to ask for, we have added how to say the ingredients in Arabic. No more excuses, off to the souq!

Fady Salah

Seeing red

The battikh and mangoes have nearly completely disappeared and have been replaced with shiny, bright red, juicy deliciousness that taste great in salads, sauces and soups.

Adel Heine

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