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Venezuela's health care crisis: Hospitals have 'nothing left'

As Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis grows increasingly dire, more people are leaving the country. Across the border in Colombia, aid services are reaching their limits, Andreas Lindner of the German Red Cross tells DW.DW: How is the situation currently on the Colombia-Venezuela border, particularly in Cucuta? Andreas Lindner: The situation has become increasingly dramatic over the …

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Inflation-wracked Venezuela forced to end cheap oil and gas

Venezuela is in the middle of an economic meltdown, facing chronic inflation and an acute shortage of essential goods. The government wants to tackle the situation by raising fuel prices. But that could prove tricky.”To say that we are giving away gas is still putting it too friendly; we are actually paying to throw it …

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How Venezuela gets plundered

A money-laundering scandal involving Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA could turn into a problem for a Swiss bank. A German banker recently affiliated with the lender has been arrested in Miami.When it comes to the causes behind the severe economic and supply crisis in oil-rich Venezuela, government policies along with corruption and capital outflows worth …

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Opinion: Venezuela on the verge of imploding

Reports of an apparent attack on President Nicolas Maduro leave more questions than answers, except for one: The only one benefiting from all this is Maduro himself, writes Uta Thofern.Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has claimed at least 20 coups or attacks against him, but not a single one has done him harm. To the contrary, …

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Venezuela secures oil-sector funding from China

Venezuela’s oil sector will get a much-needed injection of cash from China, tightening Beijing’s grip on the country’s state-owned oil company PDVSA which is struggling to maintain deliveries to the Asian powerhouse.Venezuela would receive $250 million from the China Development Bank to boost oil production in the Orinoco Belt, the South American country’s Finance Ministry …

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‘Hostile Climate’: A pall over Venezuela elections

A dead opposition politician, a nervous government, and an era ending. Venezuela’s forthcoming election could being Chavismo to its conclusion. Mostly, everyone is hoping that the situation remains peaceful. “The murder is a bad omen for December 6,” said Juan Francisco Alonso, a journalist who works for the Venezuelan daily newspaper El Universal. That’s when …

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Thirst for democracy catches world powers off guard

From Egypt, where the nation’s first democratically-elected president Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi was toppled in July by the army, to Ukraine where Viktor Yanukovych, brought to power in 2010 polls, fled his post after months of street protests, the US has had to fine-tune its response.

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