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Latest in Tag: Venice International Film Festival

Winter of Discontent premieres successfully in Venice

“The very warm reception we received during the premiere means the audience really connected with the film, and this has made us all very proud and happy,” El Batout shared exclusively with the Daily News Egypt. “It is a great honour for us to be here.”

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Egyptian movie to premiere during Venice Film Festival

The movie tells the story of three people and how their relationships develop against the background of the revolution. Amr plays a computer programmer who does not take part in the protests, Farah portrays his girlfriend, a journalist, and Salah is a State Security officer.

Adel Heine

Chastain inspired Pacino’s ‘Wilde Salome’

Al Pacino’s movie "Wilde Salome" is a complicated examination of Oscar Wilde’s once-forbidden play about illicit love and revenge. But his inspiration was simple: Jessica Chastain. "There is Jessica Chastain, who I really believe is the reason I made the movie," Pacino said ahead of the film’s long-awaited world premiere in a side event at …


Taiwan’s warrior epic “Seediq Bale” runs for the Lion

Warrior cries and brutal decapitations color the opening scenes in Wei Te-Sheng’s "Seediq Bale," the fierce Taiwanese epic running against Hollywood favorites for the Golden Lion award at Venice this year. With a record production cost of $24 million, "Seediq Bale" brings to the big screen the true story about a rebellion of aboriginal tribes …


Clooney opens Venice film festival with political thriller

Hollywood star George Clooney opened a star-studded Venice film festival on Wednesday with the world premiere of his political thriller "The Ides of March" based around a US presidential campaign. Hundreds of fans crowded round as a tux-wearing Clooney, who strode down the red carpet and signed autographs after cruising the watery city on a …


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