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Latest in Tag: violence

Op-ed review: Egypt between a rock and a hard place

Ayman Al-Sayad Al-Shorouk Newspaper According to Al-Sayad, Egypt is experiencing two main battles, the first one is with terrorism, and the second is with the security apparatus’ violence and oppression. He believes that the latter is a 25 January Revolution demand and the former a 30 June protests demand. This leaves Egypt in a precarious …

Daily News Egypt

The saga of Mohamed Mahmoud

Throughout the mid 1990s, Mohamed Mahmoud was a street that carried so many good memories for me and perhaps other students of the American University in Cairo who would cross this street several times per day trotting from one campus to the other, stopping by El Kady to get the occasional chocolate bar or odd …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Managing editor Rana Allam

Humiliating Mohamed Mahmoud

The thing about the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes specifically is the mere fact that those who had never joined a protest even through the 18 glorious days took to that one. They did so not because they wanted to grab power or even present a political demand, but in defence of family members of those who …

Rana Allam

Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian children continues

By Dr. Cesar Chelala A UNICEF report issued last March, “Children in Israeli Military Detention,” was sharply critical of Israel’s treatment of detained Palestinian children and youths. According to that report, 700 Palestinian children aged 12-17, most of them boys, are arrested and harshly interrogated by the Israeli military, police and security agents every year in …

Daily News Egypt

Dr. H.A. Hellyer

Crosses flanked by Crescents won’t cut it

Christmas Eve. New Year’s Eve mass. A wedding. None of these should turn into a funeral – but that is exactly what has happened in Egypt. The most recent round of violence, the targeting of a Coptic wedding procession in Giza, left four people dead and around a dozen wounded. The response is likely to …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

A wave of diplomatic progress at the United Nations

By Secretary General Ban Ki-moon There are few better ways to take the world’s pulse than through the unique convening power of the United Nations.  Over the past two weeks, during the whirlwind of meetings and speeches that characterises the opening of the annual session of the General Assembly, I met with the leaders or …

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